Mar 24, 2011

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A Very SparkNote’d Webstory

My original concept when was doing something like “SparkNotes from Hell.” I owe many understandings of complex and ancient knowledge to SparkNotes and unlike many of my peers, who would read them instead of the novels themselves, I always used them for background reading, especially since I never had a clue about what The Scarlett Letter was about even after spending hours upon hours of reading the boring pages because frankly, it was a horrible book that would not end. I love Shakespeare and actually used this Othello SparkNotes page once and it neglected to tell me that a strawberry is embroidered on Desdemona’s hanky (I put a cherry on the quiz), so we know it isn’t living up to its potential. Therefore, I chose to edit the Othello SparkNotes page.

I have two versions saved with html and I’m not happy with either of them. [Edit: Removed them.]

Once I no longer want to throw my computer off the nearest balcony, I may go back and edit them to get the adds from not repeating 5 times. But since I tried to save it as a JPG and a PNG or whatever it is and upload it to flickr, which wouldn’t recognize the files, I have given up for the time being.

Edit: I opened the ScreenGrab in Paint and saved it as a JPEG, which you can see here:

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Mar 17, 2011

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A Very Shakespearian Web Story

I love updated versions of Shakespeare, especially the Hamlet/Facebook one, so I’ve been thinking of doing a version of Othello or A Midsummer Night’s Dream (or a combination of those if I do something with Craigslist). I haven’t picked the website yet, although I have it narrowed down to about three, but I’m still thinking about it.

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