Jan 26, 2012

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Finally Back Online, Or Where I Was That Wasn’t On The Internet

I have been the most horrible former DS106-er.  I haven’t blogged in approx. 8 months.  It’s horrible.  And it’s a fact.  And since it’s both horrible and a fact, that makes it a horrible fact, which is even more terrible.  I haven’t updated this blog since April last year and you could completely tell (but hopefully now you can’t tell as much) because of all the spider webs collecting even more dust around the edges to the point that they were threatening to become one whole massive mess of Charlotte’s Web, except it’s me, so it’d be a Colleen’s Web.

But I have been doing things.  Loads of things.  Things I’ll be posting about shortly.  Most likely grouped in monthly installments titled “This Is What I Did In…*insert name of month*”.  I’ve also been trying to add my art and crafts to this site because people keep telling me that I can sell them, but nobody ever offers me money for my work (besides family), so it never happens.  THEREFORE in protest of all the money that I’m not getting from my fabulous ideas, I have determined it would be completely okay to give out my secrets for free.  Besides, your versions will never match up inspire me to make new things and we’ll have this whole inspiration circle of stealing each others designs borrowing ideas love thing going on.

So that’s what I’m doing and currently working on.  It’s still rough around the edges and I’m probably going to have to wait for another month to use more of my free Flickr uploading capabilities, but things are eventually going to happen.  And I’m not going to promise that things will be completely better in the future, since I’m terrible at making New Year’s Resolutions, but I do have a renewed determination to update Something Kinda Ooooh on a regular basis.  Especially since I made it so I own the domain “somethingkindaooooh.com” for another year.  I’m paying for it, so I have a need reason to do it.  So there.

As for new additions, I’ve also added a “My Infinite Playlist” page, which will eventually list every album I own, as well as a description of when and why I bought it and if it was a good idea to buy it (a modern take).  I’m looking forward to doing that.  Maybe I’ll update the list with a new album description/essay about once or twice a week.  I’d really like to start getting it done because I have probably over 300 albums, so one a week would take me about six years to do?  Which is unacceptable.  Especially since it’s a fact that I have to buy a new album about once every month and a half or so otherwise I’ll go into music withdrawal, and that’s never a good thing.

I’ve also been doing a little more of my Barbie Art photo shoots.  I haven’t finished my “Seven Deadly Sins-Barbie Style!” yet, but I’m working on it.  It’s all a long process.  I have, however, also started a new series inspired by Lady Gaga’s most recent studio album, Born This Way (it will be discussed in the blog post “This Is What I Did In…June”.  As a teaser, I will show you this, which also conveniently gives this blog post a much needed break in text:

Hair Of Glory

I call this photo “Hair of Glory” because her hair just looks so awesome and she seems really happy, you know, for a Barbie doll.  I’ve also posted a few more photos on my Flickr since I couldn’t wait to see them all lit up on my computer screen and I was bored editing all the photos I took in May.  I assure you that the photos I took in May aren’t boring though.  I just really liked the colors and subjects I shot in June.

So that’s all for now and I’ll be back soon.  Unless the Internet goes down.  But what are the odds of THAT happening?

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