Feb 17, 2011

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ds106 FO LYFE: Track 1

So earlier this evening after Jim Groom told us about this project and many of us shuddered with fear, Jordan, Andrew, and I sat down and started thinking about what we should do for the Sound Effect Story.

Andrew: So guys, what do we want to do?

*All check out freesound.org.*

Colleen: I just love the space sounds. Why don’t we do some kind of intergalactic space battle? (To JORDAN) Don’t you have a thing for space? Like your flickr is jordansinspace and you had something on your twitter about talking about space…?

Andrew: But there’s no sound in space.

Colleen: Well, what if we’re listening to it on the ship? And all the booms and crashes we hear are heard on the ship? Like something can be destroyed?

*All look up sounds of minute + mass destruction.*

? (possibly joint idea): Why don’t we look up yawns and alarm clocks? Especially since Jim Groom hates them so much.

*All proceed to check out alarm clock sounds and yawns.*

*Colleen finds annoying yawn heard. Jordan finds alarm.*

? (another possible joint idea): Why don’t we have him wake up to an alien invasion?

*Cue looking for beeps.*

Andrew: We should have him make coffee. *Starts looking for coffee pot sounds. Fails b/c they are all boring and unlistenable.*

Colleen: Maybe look for a microwave?


Colleen: I guess we should get started. *downloads sounds of yawning and horrible alarm clock* I don’t know how to work Audacity…*opens files of yawning and alarm clock*

Jordan: It should be just like Garage Band…

*After five minutes…*

Colleen: Okay, guys, if you email me the links for the clips, I’ll download them and add them to this baby.

Jordan: I think we need to add some explosions.


Andrew: We could end it with the character waking up. It can be like Inception or something, not that I’ve seen the movie…


Jordan: So how should we end this thing?

*The Internet has a meltdown.*

All: Holy crap! I don’t know what to do!

Colleen: Okay guys, I’m just going to replay the alarm at the end since I can’t download a new one. *decides at third to last minute to replay yawning*




Sound Effects Story by Call_lean
Title: Inception 2.0 (Initial Mix From Class)
Artist: Krollinghachy
Album: ds106 FO LYFE
Track #: 1
Time: 1.28

“Krollinghachy” consists of Jordan, Andrew, and Colleen.

Photo: “Chinese Kite Frame” by Thomas Smilie (Smithsonian Institute)

Audio Track: freesound.org
Alarm clock: guitarguy1985
Yawn: jackstrebor
Drone: Jovica
Running: Robinhood76

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