Jan 17, 2011

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Hello & A 30 Second Story

I really hate the word “blog.”  I have nothing against the verb or action “to blog” or the meaning of the noun “blog” and the owning of one.  I just can’t stand how it starts with “blllaaa” and ends with “og.”  It makes me think of “blah blah blah” and bogs, which although “Blah Blah Blah” is an all right Ke$ha song, “bogs” just makes me think of places where people find remains and other weird things that bubble up after hundreds of years of being hidden.  Which is kind of cool, if a little gross, in a way.  But moving right along…

I refer to what I hope will eventually be a blog as “nogoodadvice” rather than “blog.”  Originally, I had this site set up as “graffiti” (and at one time for five minutes, “robots”) to kind of reference that this is my mark (of awesomeness) on the Internet and to keep in theme with the Girls Aloud references I’m using.  I ended up changing it because I really didn’t like the look of how it appeared above when you type it in.  Plus “graffiti” is a tad difficult to spell.  The site title is “Whole Lotta Blogging…” at the domain “somethingkindaooooh.com” which references the songs “Whole Lotta History” and “Something Kinda Ooooh.”  Girls Aloud have also recorded the song “No Good Advice,” which was their second single and went Top 5 in the UK (charted at number 2).

I’m still working on a theme and such.  I want one that differs in presentation than this one (the twentyten one I believe), but still allows me to keep the background or let me choose the background.  The photo and header are images that I found one day back when I was a freshman and messed with (amateurishly) in Paint.  The header contains lyrics from OneRepublic’s “Apologize,” which was all the rage at the time I found the image, which kind of reminded me of bleeding hearts.


30 Second Story

How to ruin good toast:

1. Wake up.

2. Drag self to kitchen.

3. Pour V8 Pineapple Mango V-Fusion+Tea in cup while thinking of what to eat.

4. Decide toast is easier to eat than cereal.

5. Plug in toaster.

6. Stick bread in.

7. Toast.

8. While waiting, take sips from drink and decide not to use knife because you don’t want to have to wash it.

9. Freak out over the fact the toast smells like something’s burning.  (This may take a few minutes.  Or rather a few seconds that feel like minutes.)

10. Emit sigh of relief when it pops up and is not smoking.

11. Unplug machine.

12. Remove toast and place on paper towel.

13. Deposit jelly on toast.

14. Sacrifice one piece of toast to spread jelly evenly on other.

15. Consume.

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