Mar 12, 2013

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It’s Too Late Baby, But I’d Still Like This in HQ

I was listening to music on my mythical blue iPod Touch a few days ago and I re-stumbled upon Jessie And The Toy Boys, more specifically her/their Show Me Your Tanlines EP.  Especially the song “Money Makes The Girl Go Round.” And after I listened to all five tracks and the kind of tacky remix, I got bored and I wanted to know what Ms. Jessie Toy Boy was up to.  Unfortunately, it’s not much.  Music-wise, the last official release is from August (and I am too lazy to stalk her Twitter for any new tracks at the moment) and it was this:

Now, I love Jessie.  She is a fairly brilliant popstar.  She was 1/3 of the brilliant band Shut Up Stella who had these brilliant songs.

But why would you release the above when you have an absolute MONSTER of a song in this one below:

So “Hit Man” is a few years old?  But back in the day, it was better than the first single, “Push It.”  Most people would agree.  I mean, “Push It” is amazing in how it’s  “a love song about sex” at the same time as being “a sexy song about love.”  But that is kinda it.

And to follow “Push It” with “Let’s Get Naughty” didn’t do any favors.  Even though the “It’s a dream when you touch me there” post-chorus part sounds absolutely amazing, and the song is overall kinda fierce, the “all my hoes / touch your toes” part is obnoxious and pretty much tailor-made for the party girl whose night needs a much better soundtrack than what she’s currently listening to.

And finally “On With My Bad Self” is kind of…pretty much…terrible.  To be completely straightforward, there is nothing redeemable about it.  It does not have a soaring chorus to redeem only semi-passable lyrics or a video that doesn’t make people cringe when they see it.  It almost makes you wonder where it went wrong.

There is an elegance to “Hit Man” and even “Push It” to an extent that mixes what people see as negatives of pop music (“the trash”) with sweetness.  And her personality/pop persona comes across as being someone you kinda want to hang out with because your night would be awesome.  “On With My Bad Self” turns her into that awkward girl screaming for attention that you really don’t want to hang out with because you know you’d both get arrested for cocaine possession.  Mostly because she’d be the one yelling to the cops that “we have it on us!!!”

In short, I hope 2013 brings great things from Jessie.  Especially new music I can legally acquire.  However, all I’m saying is that if I don’t get a HQ version of “Hit Man” either on a new EP or that ever-out-of-reach-album that I’m going to be disappointed.  It is probably too late for “Hit Man” to be a single.  Or to make waves as introducing the average Joe and Johanna to Jessie And The Toy Boys.  But it is a brilliant song.  And it was a huge mistake not to release/launch the project with it in the first place.


Also: Jessie And The Toy Boys, Jessie and The Toy Boys (Amazon), Jessie And The Toyboys (have unfortunately seen it this way), Jessie & The Toy Boys (see the first of the above videos)…It makes it incredibly difficult to Google properly.  This needed to be sorted out ages ago.