Apr 29, 2011

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Clothes for My Twilight Dolls

When I began, I had the idea of making a whole wardrobe for each character and even making them with poster board backing so that they would stand up, but I really need a break from school, so that will come eventually or never, or when my brain feels content to work with paper and my computer again. My example should be coming soon (maybe within 72 hours).

I originally got the idea after Jim Groom told us about how he really got into Twilight last semester. I used to be a major fan, but I’m a little tired of it now. Even still, I love making fun of it and discussing the characters and how Bella is basically not described because the reader is supposed to pretend to be her to some degree.

Bella (Prom):
Prom Bella

Edward's Clothes

Jacob (please note ripped shirts):
Jacob's Wardrobe

Community Chest Clothes:
Alternates for Everyone